Just 5 minutes from exit 255 I-5 there is a boutique Winery with its
excellent wines to enjoy.
Small, women owned and operated winery by Margarita Vartanyan
produces some of the finest limited edition
Share the beauty and the bounty of magnificent Mount Baker view
from our Tasting Room or outside patio with the fireplace.

Plan your own event, fundraising, birthday or anniversary at the
winery inside (in the tasting room) or outside (on the patio) or join us
winery's events; Friday Nights; concerts at the winery... Get
together with your co-workers after busy working week or plan family
gathering! Bring your picnic lunch, share the bottle of wine on the

Entertainment and knowledge over a glass  of expressive and
passionate wine is the best way to warm up your soul and lift your
So go ahead, enjoy the World of Wine with us today and everyday!

                       owner/winemaker  Margarita Vartanyan
1628 Huntley Rd, Bellingham, WA 98226
I-5, exit 255, Mt Baker HWY, 3 miles,
left on Noon Rd (less than 1 mile), left on Huntley Rd.
Hours of Operation :
Fridays through Sundays, 1 - 5, Saturdays till 6.
Closed for winter break:
January1st- January 24th 2015,
(open back on Saturday24)
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Tasting room:  360-756-6770
If you would like to come the other days and hours or to pick
up wine, you are very welcome! Call Margarita  360-961-9484

October 18th, Saturday –
Punch the must .
Making must is the first step in winemaking.  During this first
step, we will destem and crush Syrah grapes.  This fresh grape
juice that contains skins, seeds, and stems of the fruit (must) will
then be placed in the bins for the first fermentation. During
fermentation, solid mass of must floats to the top. Punching the
must breaks up the cap and pushes it back down into wine to
ensure proper fermentation, color, flavor and tannins in the wine.
The production area for punching and tasting the must will be
open. Come join us during this production time, and you can
either watch or punch the Syrah must yourself.  Following the
punching, we will taste the young wine from the created must .
Reservations are not required. Wine tasting is $ 5.00 per person
and waived with purchase of wine per person. Wine club
members are free.

November 14 -16th; Friday-Sunday  -
Thanksgiving celebration with Glintwein!
Glintwein is Russian traditional drink. This drink it just about
everywhere in the Europe. The Germans call it “Glühwein”
("glowing -as in heat, not light- wine"); the Dutch “Gløgg”
(“heated”), the French "Vin chaud", (“heated wine”), the
Russians "Glintwein" and it's made warm, and will be done using
our own Syrah    with honey, cinnamon, lemon... Only two ways to
describe it: delicious and unforgettable.  Come to the Tasting
room,  bring your friends and have a cup of this wonderful warm
wine drink!
Wine Tasting and a cup of Glintwein $ 5.00 per person. Wine club
members, their friends and family are free.

November 22-23rd and 29-30th; Saturdays-Sundays
Vertical Barrel Tasting.
Vertical Barrel Tasting is wine tasting,where different vintages of
the same wine type from the same winery are tasted. We will
taste similar wines, younger from the barrels and later vintages
from the bottles to highlight difference between various vintages;
12 wines for tasting
LIVE MUSIC by Ava Sakowski all day November 29th
$ 5.00 per person, waived with purchase.
Wine club members, their friends and family are free.

December 5-7th, Friday-Sunday - Holiday Open House..